E-Design services are perfect for clients, especially those who live outside of the Triad area and still desire the look of a professional designed home. We offer custom E-Design Boards which will include links to all items for purchasing for any room in your home, catering to your style preferences. The E-Design service includes submitting your inspiration videos and photos of your space with the basic dimensions (length, width, and height). A brief questionnaire will be needed to help discover the look of your desired space. The turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. Only two modifications will be allowed per design. Please complete our questionnaire along with your payment. Please note we are not responsible if an item becomes out of stock after we submit the design. We will charge a fee by the hour to find more items.The cost for an E-Design is $500 and up per room. Let’s get started!

E-Design Services:

interior design services

E-Design Services

Every design starts with a 1 hour consultation. We will discuss your vision, style, inspiration, budget and the best services for you. Measurements and photos will be taken of the space you have in mind. You will receive a quote for services 2-4 days after your consultation based on your scope of work. Prices vary by design, but it is a fixed fee not hourly. No Shows and Cancellations are NON-REFUNDABLE. The cost for an on-site consultation is $250. Mileage will be assessed at .55 cents per mile outside of the Greensboro city limits.

On-Site Consultations:

A Virtual Consultation via FaceTime. This is great for clients who just want a designer’s opinion to look at their space and give them advice on furniture placement, room colors, lighting choices etc. During this consultation we will look at your space with a virtual tour so that we can give our professional advice for your space. This service does not include shop links. The cost for Virtual Consultation is $150 per hour. 

Turn your college dorm room into a stylish and efficient space ideal for studying and relaxing. This service includes a design layout of the room, the selection of decor items, and room set-up. Please note that the room set-up includes two desktop installations and the hanging of up to five photos and/or art work. Any items over that amount will cost $25 per item. The cost for a Dorm Room Design & Installation starts at $950. Mileage will be assessed at .55 cents per mile outside of the Greensboro city limits.

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